The St. Louis Park Parktacular Ambassador Program represents the SLP community and beyond the Parktacular Festival through action in community service, participation in parades and supporting other communities at their festivals. The Ambassadors are residents or students within the city and include elementary, young adults and senior members of our community.

As Ambassadors, we visit communities in the Twin Cities area and western Wisconsin. Besides representing the festival, we promote the City of St. Louis Park and the excellent schools. As an inclusive program, we are one of three communities (Hopkins and Woodbury) who have representation from children, young adults, and seniors. We are also the only program who has consistently have young men representing the City, as well as racial and ethnic diversity amongst our members. Many other communities admire how we are so successful in getting a cross-section of the citizens of our city to represent our own community. We believe that our Ambassadors are public servants and are to show St. Louis Park as a place where all ages, religions, and ethnicities can live, learn, and participate in a strong community, which is well represented by the Parktacular Festival.

While looking for new candidates, we have the opportunity to meet other children and young adults while involved in candidate activities such as roller skating, bowling, and picnics and appear in the Parktacular Parade. They will learn to be comfortable with public speaking and learn relationship-building skills. Our Young Adult Ambassadors also receive a scholarship to use towards their education beyond high school, while our Jr. Ambassadors receive a small stipend towards an educational experience.

For information about becoming an ambassador, please click here.

For more information about the Parktacular Ambassador Program, contact the Ambassador Directors.